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Thread: DB293 South Afognak Bear Hunt

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    Default DB293 South Afognak Bear Hunt

    I drew this tag for this Spring. Has anyone hunted this hunt or this area before? I was thinking about Melina Lakes. Any suggestions are welcome!

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    Anyone done this hunt?

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    You might talk to biologist John Crye at F&G in Kodiak. If you're taking an air charter they may have suggestions also.

    Tough to find much Afognak bear info online IME.

    Good luck on your hunt! Let us know how it went.

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    Tough to find much Afognak bear on the ground too.

    I had that hunt once. I don't apply anymore. It was the best week of camping I've ever had, but hunting was difficult to say the least.

    You'll have company if you're on the saltwater. Other than that , I can't tell you anything that will help.
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    Thanks for the advice. I'll try to call the biologist and see if he knows what is going on. I plan on going the first 2 weeks in May. Hopefully enough snow will have melted to do some good hunting.

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