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    NOPE ! I don't wanna" know what kind of scope to buy for my new 66 magnum-go-thump. Just some info on a scope I purchased on my newest 98 Mauser.
    It doesn't have any Markings on it other than Bushnell. It appears to be 4X fixed and made around 1970 or so. Where the power adjustment ring on most scopes are is an adjustment ring(labeled CH and P) that goes from crosshair to heavy POST and crosshair.
    I've not seen this configuration on any scope I've ever sold or handled; and I worked in gun stores for over 30 years. Looking for a model #. Thanks.
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    Sounds like a Bushnell "Scopechief". Model # may be on the bottom of the tube. Kowa also made one with the flip up post in the 50's with the post selector under the windage adjustment cap.
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