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Thread: DS141 info Please

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    Default DS141 info Please

    After 12 years got DS141 sheep (Eklutna lake) Can anyone give any advice.

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    Go do alot of scouting. Seen tons of sheep personally in 2010. Feel free to PM me or go to the next gathering and bring a map and I can give some areas to look at and best spotting areas. I would ride my bike in and glass at certain points. Sheep close in just a few miles from parking lot, near the hunt boarder. Then sheep all the way to glacier, passed on hunting there even with the knowlege of some big ol rams in there, know a guy with a private plane and he is huge sheep hunter. Never draws those tags but he flies it and keeps tabs and paterns them. Across the lake was tough going and gave up on that route and went across the lake to the trail side. Missed two rams and seen other rams and ewes. The easy ways up have lots of people in there, plus just general hikers. Bust trail and go where few have gone. Take a black bear tag with ya, big ol boars in there!


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