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Thread: Promised Wife Island & Beach for Anniversary... Nunivak Muskox (part 1)

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    Default Promised Wife Island & Beach for Anniversary... Nunivak Muskox (part 1)

    To be honest, I never said anything about warm and sunny...

    Last year,I was fortunate enough to draw a Nunivak bull tag...(nothing this year)...So i invited my wife to go along on her first hunting trip...The dates fell on our anniversary so what a better way to spend your anniversary with your bride on an Island near the beach...She has fished and camped with me since we have been married and always supported by hunting adventures so off we went...

    After a lot of shopping at REI, Barneys and Cabela's, prepping, and practicing at the range in bitter cold temps and snow we were packed and off to Nunivak at 6:30 am via ANC and Bethel, and a stop at scheduled stop at Toksook...After a few delays and flight cancellation we arrived close to 7pm were met by our guide Fred Don and his assistant and nephew Lonnie at the Mekoryuk Terminal...A few mile snow machine and truck ride back to town on a single lane, 10 foot snow banked trail and we arrived at Fred's house where we would use his spare bedroom for our quarters for the next few days... We unpacked and had a steak dinner then got gear ready for a first light departure the next day...


    The next morning was beautiful with temps near 10 degrees..We geared up and loaded the sleds and headed out of town on what would be a 48 mile ride thru nondescript frozed nothing before we saw any animals...Lonnie has an excellent set of peepers and saw our first herd of about 15 animals (mostly cows) and a young bull...and got a little closer to glass and decided to pass after seeing no legal bulls...We checked a couple more herds that again contained mostly cows and yearlings for the next hour...

    We finally found a small herd of about 6 bulls near the beach, and we circumnavigated the cliffs to get a closer look...These were some old knarly bulls that had earned their battle scars...Lots of broken tips and evidence of fighting...We glassed them for quite a while until we decided to pass but keep them back burner just in case...As we continued down the beach we saw 2 specks on the horizon containing more herds just a couple miles away...We rode into an ambush spot near the closer ones back up the cliff line and stopped to take a closer look...We id'd a nice looking bull and decided to put on a stalk...Anyone that thinks they just stand there and wait to get shot is badly mistaken...

    To be continued...

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    at the Mekoryuk Terminal.
    Man that's just funny. And I've been there.


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