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Thread: 338wm and a 210 Scirocco

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    Default 338wm and a 210 Scirocco

    Having a packing gun built. The specs will be a
    338 win mag with a #4 contour Broughton on a rem 700 action.
    I am very interested in the Bell and Carleson Alaskan Ti stock for this gun topped with a leupold 3x9 with a cds dial and tally light rings. I want to try the 210 sciroccos for penetration but less recoil and little flatter shooting. My dad and I are going on a caribiou/moose hunt hopefully next year. I will have this gun and dad will have a 300wsm shooting 180ttsx. What is your opinion or expoerince with the 210 Sciroccos? Thanks, I am not a big fan of teh accubonds so wanted to try these. Thanks Birdman

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    I have used 7mm Sciroccos with great satisfaction both for accuracy and performance - I am presently working up loads for a 338 WSM wildcat and was trying 210's with good accuracy results but I found feeding troubles when I began stuffing the magazine to test groups and I scratched my head until raw and lay awake several nights trying to figure it out - I loaded up some dummy rounds with 200 accubonds and they feed fine, same with 225 SST's so, although I still haven't figured out what buggers the feeding of those 210's it appears to be the bullets and not the gun - probably won't bother your rifle anyway, just bore mentioning (what don't ya like about Accubonds? They work just like Partitions they way they are supposed to and fly like ballistic tips like they're supposed to) I am VERY optimistic about ETips

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    They should work. If not, the 210 Nosler Partition has been used with very good results for many years. The 210 grain Barnes X Triple Shock should work well also and will probably provide deeper penetration, if you want more penetration.

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    I chose the Swift Scirrocos for my .338 WM hand-loading experiments 2 yrs ago and have been tinkering with getting them matched to my Tikki T3.

    They shoot quite well, zeroed at 200 yrds, I'm usually getting a 2 to 2 1/2" 5 shot group at that range (some better . . . some worse). I have also worked up some loads with the the Barnes MRX bullets and those were really nice shooting, but the cost of the bullets is double that of the scirrocos.

    For powders, I've used RL19 and IMR 4350. I don't recall the grains of powder, but the loads were a bit less than the maximums listed in reloading manuals (somewhere in the 2900 fps range).

    I do know this much, no matter what I shoot with these loads, I'm confident the critter will go down, but I'm still waiting to see how the bullet performs on a moose or bear.

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    I had similar thoughts for a kodiak deer hunt and ended up choosing 185 grn ttsx @ 3000 fps. Very flat shooting for 338 wm and as you can see, no bloodshot in this shoulder. Fragmentation will create bloodshot and the barns won't frag. That is important to me. I'm sure caribou and moose will fare the same.
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