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Thread: Homer Harbor 2/23/12

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    Default Homer Harbor 2/23/12

    We launched at 6PM this morning from the barge ramp. The barge ramp is in good shape but you must launch a few hours before or after low tide because of the end of the ramp. That was the reason for the early launch. The mouth of the harbor is ice free, but the main launch ramps are still not usable. The ramp area is open, but maybe half of the harbor from there to the mouth is still froze, thick solid ice.

    Ref the fishing, we went to the area before Bear Cove, where we have done good before, but no luck today. We waited until about 9AM before leaving the harbor because of wind and darkness. The water was good for a few hours but picked up and we called it a day.

    The boat was left in a slip in the open area of the harbor, so no worry about the ramp on our return.
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