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Thread: Ruger bolt safety

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    Default Ruger bolt safety

    I just bought a used ruger mark 2 stainless 338 win mag that is in mint condition, the only thing is when I put the safety all the way back I can still lift the bolt, although it doesnt pull back. I noticed if I put a little pressure on the safety which allows it to put more pressure on that little plunger then the bolt wont lift which is how it should be??? Any ideas???

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    It is possible to force the bolt past the plunger that locks the handle down when on safe. This will usually shear the end of the plunger off. It may still have partial engagement like you describe. The safety lever will prevent rearward travel of the bolt when engaged. A: replace the plunger with a new one. B: Tig weld the old plunger to add length and refit it.
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