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Thread: Excellent Eureka Customer Service.

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    Default Excellent Eureka Customer Service.

    I have three Eureka Tents. One being the Northern Breeze Screen House, and the other two being the Eureka Assualt outfitter 4 tents.

    I bought one of my Assualts used and the other two I bought new.

    My northern breeze is the cook shack/wind shelter/rain shelter/no bug zone. We use the northern breeze to shower in too (with a zodi camp shower). We hung it in the corner and cooked+hung out in the opposite corner. Sounds kinda gross......I know, but it's only a couple gallons of water that goes right into the ground, and it's better n walkin around all smelly with "monkey butt". Trying to use that camp shower in the woods (spring/summer) was a war with mosquitos that you'll loose every time!

    One assault is modified to take a woodstove which I've camped in down to 40 below zero.

    The third tent is a "back up" but was used as a sleep tent while the other was used to quickly dry gear on my 2010 moose hunt.

    1. Over the two years that I've been rockin Eurekas, I've accumulated a burnt out zipper on the northern breeze (only for the bug netting)

    2. One bent pole

    3. And one plastic window degrading.

    Even though I admitted to them that I've used the crap out of the tents, they sent me a zipper, and a pre-paid shipping label to send in the rain-fly free of charge. I admitted to them that I was at fault for the bent pole , I elected to pay a minor fee for a new pole, and was actually able to straighten out the bent pole for a spare.

    Instead of spending over $1000 to replace these three tents, they're gonna see another hard season. I'm really impressed with their customer service.

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    Cool, and nice to know.


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