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Thread: South Rolly, NO LUCK!!!

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    Angry South Rolly, NO LUCK!!!

    Went to South Rolly to punch a couple holes in the ice, Red Shirt was too far to ride doubles on that bumpy trail. We drilled a hole and sent a jig worm on a weighted bead hook down to the bottom for a couple hours. No response. Any tips on what I should be doing for Nancy Lake lakes. Same thing happened a month ago at actual Nancy Lake lake. GRRRR.

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    Get some swim jigs, those are killer for pike. Try jigging some herring. South Rolly and Redshirt haven't been very good fishing the last few years, but you might catch a decent sized Pike out of Redshirt if you do enough adventuring.
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    Pike can get pretty finicky/lethargic in february. Sometimes they will only take deadbait and then just mouthe it a little only to drop it. Try putting out the maximum 5 tip-ups per angler and keep moving them every 45 minutes to an hour until you find where they are hanging out . Sometimes they won't go very far out of their way to take the bait. Drill lots of holes and keep moving. It helps to keep you from getting bored and also helps you to stay warm Rode doubles on snowmachine out to Red Shirt once...ONCE!!!


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