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    I need opinions/experiences with using fly only tent pitching for a secondary shelter on sheep hunts. Was looking to use my 2 man North Face in this manner, but set it up last night and realized the fly doesn't go all the way to the ground. The Hilleberg tents seem like they would be the way to go, especially being able to set up the fly first when pitching the tent in wet weather.

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    You'll be hard pressed to find a fly that goes all the way to the ground. Most stop a couple inches short. In any situation where you would need a secondary shelter a fly would be more than welcome. If you're curious about more than that you would need to get creative or break out the checkbook. You can get single layer tents but they are spendy. There are resources on the internet that detail using tarps as shelters but they aren't as light as the fly option. Secondary shelters aren't really long term solutions. If you can pack a second shelter along for a few pounds it might be worth it. I wouldn't want to stick mysellf in a situaiton where I am carrying too much. If you find yourself in a situation where you are many miles removed from your camp and you can't return to it then a secondary shelter becomes necessary. The hilleberg looks like the ticket in such a situation. However, a tarp and some ingenuity are probably your best bet. Don't forget the parachute cord. I can't really give advice on what you need without knowing more about your situation. Are you really going to be so far removed from camp or in such extreme situations that a secondary shelter becomes necessary?

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    Hopefully not, but on a September hunt, it is pretty likely to get a ram late in the day and not have time to get back to camp after taking care of the animal. Just want something lightweight just in case. I've kind of been talked out of a bivy. Looking at the Hilleberg Kaitum and packing the fly/poles each day. I really don't want to pack two tents!!

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    Wink Tarp it!

    Blackfoot, try a GoLite, Lair,hut, or a MSR twin peaks, some of these are less than 12 oz. and may be just what your looking for! Bill.
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