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Thread: Black Bear Spot and Stalk Options on Elliot or Steese Highways

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    Default Black Bear Spot and Stalk Options on Elliot or Steese Highways

    I have planned my first drop camp caribou hunt to Alaska this year. Being from Florida the research and decision process has been tough but I feel I have selected a good transporter and feel the caribou trip is a solid one. I will be hunting north of the Brookes Range for about a week. I'll have a little extra time on the drive back to Fairbanks and was hoping to do some spot and stalk black bear hunting somewhere south of the Brookes range. I know that the entire haul road has the 5 mile restriction for rifle hunting so I was looking for somewhere to get off of the haul road and be able to set up camp and then be able pack in a few miles and glass for bears.

    The only marked roads I can find that meet the haul road are the Elliot and Steese highways. Are there areas where this is possible and practical off of either the Elliot or Steese Highways? Are there any areas I should focus on?

    Are there any other smaller dirt roads that branch off of the haul road that exttend beyond the 5 mile closed area that I should look for?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    My experience is limited to two springs' worth of looking, but I think if you're in a place where you can see far enough to call it spot-and-stalk, you're going to see more grizz than blacks. Of course that's blueberry season, so you never know what might be out...
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    South of the Yukon River you can hunt along the road system and the 5 mile corridor doesn't apply. There are numerous places to park and glass hillsides from trapping trails etc. There are forest fire burns near Hess Creek too where you might see bears.

    Good luck


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