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    Question Looking for a 'smith...

    I am looking for a Fairbanks-based gunsmith that has the capability of testing a "questionable" 12 gauge shotgun. Here's the story....

    A couple years ago I bought a new Mossberg Mariner shotgun from Wally-World. I kept it at home for a few months till it was warm enough outdoors to take it to the outdoor range here. I put the pistol grip stock on it because it was going to live in my RV and be used for bear protection. Well the day came to try out the gun and I took it to the range. But the very first firing, it jammed on the second or third round (it wouldn't eject the spent round properly). I put the original full stock on it but haven't taken it back out to fire again.

    Seeing as how this is supposed to be bear protection, I need reliability above reproach. I'd like to find a gunsmith who can safely fire this gun a few times from a stand remotely (so no one goes home with less face than they came out with!) so I can see if this gun is safe and reliable or if I need to just walk away from it.

    I don't anyone getting hurt, but I want to know if I can trust my life (or my family's life) to this gun.

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    This is very likely a very simple problem of checking the extractor. Nothing that needs a remote stand to shoot from. It might just have been simply ammo the gun doesn't like. Gunbugs, here on this forum is the guy I would contact. He is a gunsmith in Fairbanks. My honest opinion is that you will only know that it is reliable beyond reproach after you have fired over 100 rounds through it. I would also ditch the pistol grip and keep the full butt stock. Much easier to use accurately and quickly that way.

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    AKDoug, thanks for the name, and yes I intended to ditch the pistol grip after this snafu anyway. The ammo I used was factory Federal stuff (2 3/4" I believe) so I don't know if that was the problem. I will try to get hold of Gunbugs and see if it is an extractor problem and if so maybe he can fix it. To me it's not worth packing it up and sending it back to the factory to fix (with shipping and all I might as well buy a new one!) I can just sell this one for parts or figure something else to do with it. But I'd like to see if it's fixable first. Thanks for the idea.

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    Itís fixable. Donít give up on it too fast, itís likely some very simple little thing that it just takes some experience to see. Iím sure Gunbugs will fix you up.
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    Actually, it could be as simple as the barrel not put on correctly. Got to get everything lined up: us shooters do it so often, we don't think about the first time.....


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    Yup get a hold of Doug he does great work and great to deal with. Get rid of that federal ammo and Load up with Brenneke Black magic slugs, then you got you a thumper.

    good luck


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