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Thread: Unit 20a winter moose hint questions

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    Default Unit 20a winter moose hint questions

    Hey I was wondering if anyone had any information about accessing zone 1b of the 20a winter moose hunt. Registration hunt number RM764. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Mainly where to park and how to ride to get there. Any trails there? Which direction to access the area from? Or just boondock it in. Thanks

    Also has anyone ever done this hunt?


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    one of the conssessions the AC's demanded prior to authorizing the antleress hunts this year was that they will all be completed and closed by Dec. 1 each year. dont expect to see taht RM 764 on the books next year
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    If you are unable to find a trail going into that area Between Nenana and Anderson your best bet would be to head up the Tanana and then take the Wood river up into it. Thats just from looking at the map of the area. You better be experienced in winter travel and travelling on rivers.


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