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Thread: Any Info On the Tanana River North of Nenana

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    Smile Any Info On the Tanana River North of Nenana

    Hello Everybody,

    My buddy and I just recieved our draw tags for the Minto Flats SGR antlerless moose tag for august. I am hoping that being in August and not in the HT season the traffic will be down significantly. I am looking for any information on campsites or good sloughs to run up in. We will be taking four people in two boats and hopefully get two cows out of this whole thing to fill the freezers. We were going to put in at Nenana and head up north on the Tanana and start looking for some good spots. This whole area looks pretty flat and swampy on the Topo maps. Will we have to bring a treestand to get up higher to see? Are there alot of trees in this area, or just swampy grassy flats? Any info would be outstanding and helpful. Thanks Alaska Float Hunters.

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    I don't think the float hunting forum is the best place for your questions. I would repost this in the hunting and/or jet boating forums. You would be heading downriver on the Tanana to get to the Minto Flats from Nenana. The river kind of bends to the South around Nenana, so driving North on the river could mean both heading towards Fairbanks or the Minto Flats.


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