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Thread: DM783m - Richardson Hwy (Bow)

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    Default DM783m - Richardson Hwy (Bow)

    Hello all,

    Another Coast Guard guy & I got drawn for the bow/muzzle loader (DM783) and looking for a little info. Since it is limited to the highway corridor(1/2 mile on each side), I was wondering about the the logistical side of things. We are meat hunters, but will put in the time with the hopes of a nice bull opportunity, but at the end of the day we are there to fill our freezers.

    If anyone has done this hunt, please PM me. I am wondering if this is a "road" hunt or a place where we can set up a camp and spend some time off of the road. Will 4-wheelers be needed? Is it best to set up camp? I have a camper, will that be beneficial?

    Thank you in advance.


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    bump, any thoughts or strategies for DM783? Any helpful tips on camping spots or 4wheeling areas? Or is the terrain more conducive to "road hunting" and spotting from the truck?

    Thanks much,



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