When you do a lot of wildlife photography, it really comes home to you how much common ground there is between our and other species. Laying on your belly in the woods or mountains for hours at a time, waiting for the right light or behavior, you notice things. Wild animals and humans share a lot of the same problems in life, from something as simple as procuring food and shelter to educating our children, the daily commute, even social hierarchy and law enforcement. After I became a father, these things became even more apparent and profound, even though I don't get out as much with the camera as I used to. Anyway, I just want to say how much I appreciate having such a rich diversity of wild animals to observe in this ol' world and show off some of my favorite images from my wandering around. So raise a glass to the little guys out there on a cold winter's night, be it pup, cub, calf, lamb, kid, gosling or eaglet; life would be a lot less interesting without them around!