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Thread: 20a DC827 bou & moose combo

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    Default 20a DC827 bou & moose combo

    I finally drew a Delta caribou tag, 20a. I know this area is hunted hard but has a lot of moose. My plan, I hope, is to hunt bou, then move and hunt moose.

    I have researched this hunt a lot and will get very detailed since it is really going to happen.

    My questions are:

    1. Lets talk about the possibility of a successfull combo FINDING a good bou and legal moose?

    2. What air service do you reccomend or not reccomend? PM me please

    I am very capable of executing this hunt and preserving all meat etc. I have the best gear available and know how to use it and I am in great shape. I understand the hard work involved and have done many brutal hunts before I just need to know what I can expect as far as bou/moose size/quantity are concerned? It seems obvious with its close proximity to Fairbanks that the moose will be hunted hard. I would think my only reasonable chance is getting a good, trusted air service to get me into a good moose area?

    These are just basic questions for now until I get into more detailed questions later. Thanks DonV Ohio

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    Also what dates would be best for a combo? bou is 8/10-9/20 moose open 9/1-9/25?

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    Anyone else? Trying to narrow down a plan asap so I can book a flight.


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    Also I am adding some more info so you can better help you help me.

    I am coming from Ohio, I have no transportation - yet

    I have a local contact in Fairbanks, I do not have a budget. This does not mean I will spend $10,000. It does mean I am willing to spend little more for a good hunt.

    My desire: I want to get a good caribou, nothing is for sure but all my research tells me this is a very reasonable goal. I am in great shape, I have a lot of experiance in remote/rough/harsh country hunting solo. I am more then happy to work as hard as humanly possible to make my hunt a success. I do not measure success by killing but I want to have a good hunt, not an expensive camping trip. I am in great shape and can pack 125 pounds a long ways and climb/hike as needed. I can mentally handle bad weather and rough days ad stay focused through the hunt as long as I know there is a reasonable chance.

    In the lower 48 I have done extremely well - AK is a lot different. The thing that is driving me NUTS is, down here, if I am in a good unit, I can figure out where to go and hunt hard and do well. If required I can simply hike to a new area (I always backpack in now). However in AK if there are no moose around I am stuck on an expensive camping trip. This is making me nuts. I am basically forced to rely on my charter, I have gathered a TON of charter info/reviews/comments from completely unbiased sources. Many times I see a hunter make a comment or just say they went to AK and hunted and I contact them and ask about who they flew with and how it went. After ten years of doing this I have a great record of who is good/bad. I have it all in a word document so I can search by name.

    However I am now learning that charters have certain spots they use, and that is it. I stronglyprefer to go into an area I can be reasonable confident that very few guys have gone (relatively speaking). This is not what I am hearing.

    My goal is to work hard and have several encounters with animals I would harves if I could. This does not mean I see one legal moose 1 mile away and that is it. It does mean I get within 1/2 mile of legal moose (NR) at least 2-3 times in 9 days if I hunt hard. I know in 20a there are 60" bulls but I would be very very lucky to see one, let alone harvest one. A 55" bull is my goal.

    I am willing to do my part but I want to know, that bar the worst of circumstances, I will have oppurtunities, it is up to me if I can make good on them.

    I am know I have been blowing these forums up lately and I thank everyone for all the help. I did research this hunt a lot before I applied but I did not go into great detail since the draw odds were so low. I had called Wright Air and Golden Eagle in years past to discuss this hunt if I drew. However it did not occur to me I would be dropped in there typical spots, this is where my dilema is now, coupled trying to decide what dates are best.

    Bottom line is right now I need to select a charter and dates FAST. After that I can get into more details. I am also going to add this info to my other posts.

    Thanks again DonV OH

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    DOn... fist on your bou... they will be there or not... they are spread about.. and may take walking a few miles..

    as for not having others.. well you are entering into one of the accessable over the counter sheep areas.. season starts AUG 10 for them and runs Sept 20... you wont be alone in ANY part of the unit Esspessally after moose fires off.. one of the things you need to look at.. is moose Anteler restrictions... part of the unit is 4 brow tine on one side.. and part is 3 brow tine on one side.. with both having a brow tine OR size over 50" limit..

    point is..its sure a lot eaiser to find a ~50" bull with three tines... then a nice 4 tiner..conentrate on your bou first.. moose will be moveing around by the time your done with it. they only ever average 50 bou a year out of there.. you not crowed to bad the endo of AUG.. so you got time to sit HIGH and spot low...
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    Good point but for a NR it is 4 points all over 20a, only for residents is part 3 tines, otherwise that would have definetly influenced my decision. I do know OTC moose, sheep etc and near Fairbanks = lots of hunters. I still would like to go where, realativly speaking there are not a congregation of moose hunters ie several moose hunters every year. I am not be able to but I hope too.


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    Unit 20A is a large area, roughly an 80 mile by 80 mile triangle (~3200 square miles). Of that, caribou are normally found in the southern 1/3 of 20A, say Ferry trail as the north border and the Denali Highway as the south. As your research has probably shown, a good part of that zone is rugged mountains, with the rest being high hills.

    If you don't require a guide for moose and 'bou, you could get through the trip for well under $10k. Of course, if you bag both a trophy 'bou and a monster bull, your pack out fees could really dent the pocket book.

    My advice would be to get into Fairbanks about Aug 26th or 27th, take an earlyin-the-day flight over the areas you want to fly into. Moose hunters will be taxi-ing in to set up camps Aug 28 - 31 or sooner. So, finding an area with bou near a landing strip would be order of business #1. Be prep'd for drop-off, or if the flight runs long and you need to fly in a second day, keep your options open. if you do drop-off, leave yourself enough time in the day to hike a few miles, then set up base camp. Get your gadgets and maps ready . . . prep for spike camp hunting from there.

    Chances are you'll see moose along the way and if you hunt hard for caribou from 28 or 29 Aug, you'll have scouting in for 1 Sep when the moose season opens. Good luck!


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