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Thread: Info on Tributary series rafts

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    Default Info on Tributary series rafts

    I was looking at the Tributary series rafts at the Sportsman's Show over the weekend. It's hard to beat the price, and they come with the same warranty as the top-of-the-line Aires. Does anyone have any experience with them or opinions? I know that Michael Strahan is a Aire fan, so I am particulary interested in his input.


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    Default Smoken Deal and Bang for the Buck


    The price at the outdoor show can not be beat! Sportsmans Warehouse has the same package for about $2750.00 yep same boat, same package!

    We run two of them and have never had a problem with either. This will be the thrid season commercial use. They Track Great!

    Bottom Line is Warranty , Repair Facility and Value and if your purchasing that craft from AR&K your getting all three.

    Richard Mousseau

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    Default AIRE Tributary


    A word of clarification here; the AIRE Tributary carries a five-year factory warranty. Alaska Raft and Kayak has decided to honor it as a TEN year warranty, the same as any other AIRE inflatable. It's a pretty remarkable deal, as you have seen.

    Keep in mind that the Tributary is not the same boat as the regular AIRE series (E, R, and D). I understand that the Tributaries are built overseas and the fabric is not as heavy at that used in the AIRE boats. The base cloth is the same denier, but the coating on the Tributary is thinner. Be that as it may, the Tributary will be a welcome addition in Alaska for folks who cannot afford a more expensive craft, but who still wants AIRE quality. The warranty extention offered by Alaska Raft and Kayak is icing on the cake.

    Hope it helps!

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