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Thread: Unit 25A caribou no closed season

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    Ok, Just curious to see your comments. I was looking at the regs, which I spend most of my time doing considering ive become obseesed with my upcoming move. Just looking at areas near fairbanks, which is where I will be living soon. I'm a non resident and as I was searching for nonresident areas to hunt and I noticed 25A no closed season for caribou. Now obviously this is a little ways from faribanks and probably no roads leading into the area, but is there that many caribou in the area where the season is open year around for non residents also. By looking at a map its hard to judge how far it is and if there is accesible roads? Is this a reasonable area to look at for hunting considering Im a poor poor man and cant afford all the nice neccesities like a plane. Just me and my legs and mayde Ill beable to talk the wife into a snowmobile. Not sure what a plane ticket costs but probably out of my budget. wife has me on a tight leash.

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    Awsome Hunting "Seasons", eh?

    Can you get there by snowmachine????? Investigate that, its the best way to travle in Alaska in winter.
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    No closed season is less about the number of animals and more about their migratory nature. Season is open all year to allow locals to legally take bou when they are there.
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    Martin is exactly right. It doesn't matter how long the season is open if the caribou are 300 miles north of your location. Caribou go where they want too and when.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakota boy View Post
    By looking at a map its hard to judge how far it is and if there is accesible roads?
    This is one of the issues that show just how bad Geography education is in the US. People do not understand scale. On the map for GMU 25 there is a scale in miles which make for fairly accurate measurements to tell how far things are. All the roads are clearly shown and even named. There is only one road in GMU 25 - Steese Highway. There are some trails off that road, but there are no actual roads. In fact the use of the term Highway is laughable. More like a small county road down in Dakota.

    What many folks down in the L48 miss is that unlike their location, AK has never had an agriculture base that drove road construction across it. That and the fact that much of AK is a swamp with rivers running through it, and the cost for building roads in this environment would have bankrupted the US Government long ago.

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    Dakota Boy,
    To put things in perspective GMU 25 is about 250 miles east to west, and about 350 miles north to south. It's about the size of South Dakota and it's got about 80 miles of road.

    If you want to hunt caribou your best bet is to drive beyond GMU 25 to GMU 26. That presents its own challenges but it's a doable, reasonably accessible hunt.
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    The only road that runs through 25A, since that was the specific area you asked about, is the Dalton HWY. It runs through it for about 5 miles near Atigun pass and that is in the 5 mile coridor so it's either archery if you are certified or walking out 5 miles.
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