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Thread: Float hunt near Faribanks

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    Default Float hunt near Faribanks

    What river system or area would be a great area to plan a float hunt near fairbanks?

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    The best advice I have for you is to take stid up on his offer to set down with you and talk hunting... You will learn more from him in an hour than what you will find on here in the next week.... But this question is one I would save for him, not to post on a public forum... You have access to one of the most successful hunters on this forum in Steve, so go meet with him and make a list of questions for him... You wont regret it...Good Luck

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    Drive way north on the Haul Rd to Happy Valley...
    Fly out to the "upper" Ivishek River with Seventynorth, owned by Mike McCrary (
    Hunt caribou...liberal bag limits, grizz, wolf....
    Float back to Happy Valley.
    Drive south on the Haul Rd to FBs.
    Great hunt.
    Another secret exposed!

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    LOL Love the final comment ATA. Steve is the man I wish he would not have posted that certain picture of a certain river at the mouth of another certain river with the hills exposed in back darn you Steve.

    D Boy! Simple truth of the matter is you have lots of options and Alaska True Adventures listed one of several. If you do your home work and are willing to share areas the following rivers all offer reasonable hunting. Good Paster, Salcha, Chena, Wood, Beaver, Birch, Chatinika, Tanana, Nenana as well as many others. No they are not exclusive hunts by any means but those who do their research and have good plans tend to have decent hunts. There are other rivers in the area that have a little more to offer and sometimes a lot more work. Steve is a great guy and shares information freely with most and would be a great person to chat with.

    I know this sounds some what corny however a Great Area to plan a float hunt around Fairbanks is just about any place you choose to do your research, take the time to hunt properly and enjoy the hunt for what it is a hunt. I do understand the value added in harvesting game however I have had some of my best hunts with never pulling the trigger my-self. As an example a couple of years back I had a fantastic trip on a river near Fairbanks saw a lot of animals including Sheep, Caribou and Moose we had our chances for Moose just did not work out concerning the harvest part but the company was good and the camping was fantastic and the floating was grand. Could I have pulled the trigger sure just was not a requirement for my adventure.

    Best of luck with your data and finding that Great Place to Plan a Float Hunt.

    Richard "Moose" Mousseau


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