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Thread: fly out this Aug ?

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    Default fly out this Aug ?

    im looking to do a flyout combo of salmon fishing/bear viewing from the Kenai area... Any recommendations ? thanks.

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    You could do the big river lakes thing like everyone else
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    thanks.. she was looking at Talon Air, do you know if they are good ?

    i assume the silver salmon fishing would be good mid-Aug there.

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    Talon Air is most excellent, personable service. Highly recommended. Nice aircraft, qualified and safe pilots. The silver fishing should be very good in August... expect to make some new friends, however... the west Cook Inlet has grown in popularity over the last decade...

    Good luck,

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    Yes, fly-out locales often have more folks than you'll see on KP-based silver trips. Big River Lakes or Kuskatan are typical destinations ... will vary based on weather and recent success in each area. Be aware though, that bears are much less common on these trips in August than they are earlier in the summer when the sockeye runs are at their peak. While it is the norm for bears to be seen on a daily bais in June in the Big River Lakes / Wolverine Creek locale, it's not nearly as common in August

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    thanks for the info... i cant wait either way, goin on the trip with the wife whos not much into fishin, so i hope to see bears to make her happy, but i understand theres no guarantee.

    think we are gonna book with Alaska Classic Adventures, talked to the guide, seemed like a real good guy.. anyone know much about them ? the wife was pushing for talon because they offer the "combo".. but both fly outs go to same place, wolv creek, i figure the chance of seeing bears and hittin good salmon run are about the same with either trip.. but i feel talon may waste good fishing time to look for bears or waterfalls..


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