Hi all, new member here. I'm planning a trip to the Fish Creek cabin in the Tongass NF this coming August 2012 with a few friends and have some logistics questions I'm hoping forum members can help answer. We are planning a short trip of around 4 days/3 nights at the cabin. I'm know there are some places in Ketchikan to rent gear and we'll probably be using them for lanterns, stoves and other cook gear. Hopefully fuel and water containers as well.

Below is a list of general questions I'm hoping you guys can help me fill in:
1) We'll plan for the worst of course, but what is the typical weather to expect in that location for mid to late Aug?
2) What will be around for shore fishing in either the bay or river in Aug? Any salmon runs? Steelhead?
3) Assuming we catch anything, how do guys handle bringing fish back? Dry ice? Or is it too much of hassle, should we just do catch and release?
4) Any reason to charter a water taxi instead of a float plane?
5) anything a local can tell me about the area that a visitor might need to know but isn't obvious?

Thanks, I'll post more questions as they come to me.