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Thread: Split cost of 55gal Yammalube 2stroke- Kenai/Homer

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    Default Split cost of 55gal Yammalube 2stroke- Kenai/Homer

    Cost for a 55 gal drum in Homer is about 1375.00. That makes it around 25.00 gal. Which is more than 10.00 off what I've found normally. If we split no more than 4 ways max, it would be at least 100 dollars off for 10+ gallons.

    Delivery is about three weeks out.

    I,d go for more but am told the yammalube can go bad if stored too long and 55gal would take me awhile to use.

    Anyone interested? We would also need a hand pump or barrel dolly with a valve which I don't have.

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    Why don't you just go to Freddie's and get a few quarts of Quaker State 2-stroke oil at about $3 a quart (i.e. $12 a gallon).
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