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Thread: Goodnews River Fishing in September

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    Default Goodnews River Fishing in September

    we are coming (from Germany) to Alaska almost every year for floating, camping and fishing. This year we have planned the Goodnews River in the first two weeks of September. We have decided to go late in order to avoid the crowds and enjoy some good rainbow fishing. However, we have never been so late , so we are still not sure. Is it true that people are gone in September or is it just changing from fishing to hunting? (I dont mind hunters - just the jet boats going up and down the river). Are there still any (fresh) Silvers coming in. Silvers are not our main target, but still, without any salmon we would miss something. Finally, I love picking (and eating) mushrooms and berries. Is there still mushroom seasaon in September? (I know, this sounds stupid, because nobody would come to Alaska for mushrooms - still I just love it)
    I would be happy to get some help.
    Gernod (from Germany, where winter will be gone in a few weeks)

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    You're the 4th float group I've now heard of on the Goodnews in that timeframe. And those are just fishing floaters (no doubt there will be hunters out there as well), sounding like the first ones to the good campsites on the top end are gonna have some prime real estate.

    Might be berries, might not. Might be mushrooms, might not. Coho will be around but I wouldn't wager on many that are fresh enough to eat.

    Good luck. I'll be in one of those 4 groups, decent chance we'll see you out there.
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    I have fished the Goodnews around that time of year and it is very spotty. Much like the Kanektok and Arolik just to the north, SW streams tend to come up in August and can be very hard to fish for even rainbows. However I have fished there at the same time of year and caught hundreds of fish. I have also fished across the bay in Platinum around the same time and they usually have chromers at that time. The good news (no pun intended) is that the Rainbow fishing is world class when you find them. Silvers are a finicky fish no matter where you fish in the fresh water. I think there is a couple of reasons why there is less pressure in the fall. First, people don't want to fish in the unpredictable weather. I have been on the Kenai in September and had to worry about snowfall and much the same out west. Weather is a deterrent. Second, like many of the other salmon there are opportune moments to fish silvers. My experience has been early mornings and late at night. For those who are guided it is hard to justify high prices for guiding for silvers because they will usually fish silvers early morning then move to rainbow holes. Also, many of those who can afford the trip are out to catch huge rainbows and they tend to focus on the biggies like Kanektok, Goodnews, American, Naknek, American, Nush, Kenai, etc. In addition to the customers having to pay a lot it keeps a lot of money to keep the camps out there as well so many of them take the tradeout of less trips in the fall versus the cost that it takes to keep them open. Much like fishing the weather will play a big part in the berries but I will tell you this no better berry picking than in the togiak mountains. Mushrooms I don't know never looked for them but it can be mossy so I think it would be pretty good, but I have no experience with the mushrooms. Viel Gluck


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