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Thread: Stoeger 2000

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    Thumbs up Stoeger 2000

    I just purchased a Stoeger 2000 and was wondering what all your opinions were about these shotguns. I have heard that a lot of auto loaders will jam-up when breaking them in w/ heavy loads but to just keep shooting them and this will clear up. Also, any other information about break-ins and loads to use let me know. Thanks

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    hunt i also just got a stoeger 2000 and i love it. Ive had 1 jam so far after about 300 rounds. Ive been shooting cheap 2 3/4 6 shot and i havent had any problems.

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    Default stoeger 2000

    it is a Benelli, no it is not "A" Benelli, however, it is THE SAME ACTION.
    I have shot the 2000 and the Black Eagle, it is a Benelli.
    According to my gunsmith buddies the Stoeger has a dramatically lower return to factory percentage than the Benelli, go figure, down here in NC the Stoeger is on the rack for $400.00. Dare you to find a matte finish Black Eagle for that.
    I want one real bad, waiting for sales


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