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Thread: Q's on Kenai King spawning

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    Default Q's on Kenai King spawning

    For the experts:
    I know that some kings spawn in the lakes, some in the tributary streams, and others are main-stem spawners but I have some other questions.

    1) Has spawning distribution been mapped?
    2) How far upstream on the Kenai is the intertidal (estuarine) zone?
    3) Does a significant percentage of Kenai kings spawn in the intertidal zone? (5 percent or more)

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    The definitive study was led by Terry Bendock using fish caught and released in the sport fishery. Sample size over 3 seasons (1989-1991) = 446 kings radio-tagged.

    4 out of 5 ER spawners go to tribs.... with 90 % of them returning to Killey and Funny by a 2:1 margin.

    1 out of 5 spawn in the mainstem.... of those 3 out of 4 spawn above Soldotna Bridge... the most-utilized area being the middle reach between the bridge and Naptowne Rapids.


    19 of 20 LR kings spawn in the mainstem

    3 out of 4 spawned below Naptowne rapids, spread nearly equally between the lower reach and the middle reach....

    14% used the reached above Naptowne...

    11% used the reach between Skilak and Kenai Lakes.


    ADFG is currently updating the spawning distribution dataset using fish caught and released from the lower river test gillnet operating near the king sonar site at river-mile 8.6.


    Estuary reach is the lower 12 miles which extends upriver above Eagle Rock but below Pillars.... kings do not spawn successfully in this intertidal zone, but routinely spawn above the uppermost reach of high tide.
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