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Thread: Getting started making a claim??

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    Default Getting started making a claim??

    Total newbie here but I have an oppertunity to check out some old mining sites very remote this summer. I understand most of the land in the area is Dyon and state. I will be in the area in mid July. What type of area should I be looking for to set up a small private hobbie thing, possible retirement plans. Where do I start the paper work process? Thanks!

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    If on State land go to DNR. The have many hand outs and flyers. Get your pen ready. There is allot of paperwork.

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    It may be to late this year to get this all put together. I am tring to get my 30' boat with dredge to nome for 2012 summer. It is a modified 30' pontoon boat on trailer with 10" suction dredge powered by VW engine. Put together very well but I have very limited financial resouces to pay to move boat and can only take about 4 or 5 weeks off this summer. Looking for other crazy adventure divers to to go on working vacation and investor looking for a summer to remember. Hey i live by motto "Life is a filmstrip of memories. If you dont get up get out and get crazy life will pass you by. I am a 43 yr old fireman, own a manufacturing company, have a wonderfull family and a good relation with god. But here in Oregon there are more mining laws than miners and I want to live the dream. Send me a email or respond here. Lets get this party started.


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