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    This may be dumb but I see alot about floating rivers and was wondering why a alumi boat would not suffice. Say a 16'?

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    The discussion often centers around fly-out drop off float hunts. A 16' aluminum boat is difficult to fold and put into a plane, even tougher to get it straight before launching.

    Now if one can drive to a ramp and launch then float, then a hard boat is just fine though more difficult to handle/row. They are also less versitile when considering water conditions. Trying to row a hard heavy boat through any kind of white water is challenging, add a 6-7+ knot current, which is common in Alaska, and the difficulty is even greater.

    Typicaly speaking, a 16' aluminum boat in Alaska is either a power boat or a canoe.

    To sum things up; rivers in Alaska typicaly are swift, shallow, littered with boulders and/or silt bars and lined with sweepers, toss in COLD silt laden water = demanding and potentialy dangerous conditions. A raft is far and away the safest and easiest craft to maneuver under such conditions when drifting/floating. Doing such with a aluminum boat usualy is a case of "motor upstream and kill the power" to drift down a section.

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    There are still rivers and lakes for which you could hunt from your aluminum boat. However, due to their closs proximity to the road system you will also have more competition from other hunters. It's possible you could be holding a fishing pole, a legal bull moose could walk out of the woods along the shoreline, turn broadside, and then make it easy for you to motor over to him and flop his parts over the gunwale and motor back to camp or the ramp. There aren't too many hunters who would mind such a thing. But, if it's a remote trip or moving water like described above you can't beat a raft of some sorts.

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    You're working too hard. You're supposed to time it so your bull tips over into the boat, not flop his parts over the gunwale.

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