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Thread: TC switch barrel <$600

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    Default TC switch barrel <$600

    I just saw this and thought it is pretty cool for the price: It looks like they are using AR headspace technique for repeatable barrel mounting. I can't believe Savage has not done this first...with the ease of switching bolt heads and barrels...a torque wrench and a headspace gauge would do it. TC says it will stay with the sub MOA accuracy.

    Tooo bad the TC ugly!!
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    The logical "next step" from the "Encore" platform, very handy. I would expect options for stock material/appearence and stainless/blued/matte steel will surface in the near future. It should be a success.

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    I've been interested in switch barrel rifles for a while but never pulled the trigger since most are European and priced beyond what I can buy multiple rifles for.

    If the base rifle with a single caliber runs $600- what do the add on barrels and magazines go for?

    Ugly rifle but an interesting concept. Still don't know how much practical application it has since I've never really wanted a .223 on a .300WM action. I think switch caliber rifles are popular in Europe due to onerous gun control laws that limit how many guns one can own. I think the Contender/ Encore appeals to the experimenter and has that limited market in the US about sewed up already.

    No idea how that will play here unless you can swap barrels really's certainly worth watching though.
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