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Thread: bowhunting for pike? info needed.

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    Default bowhunting for pike? info needed.

    Has anyone tried bowfishing for pike? I am looking for any information on the best way to find/ harvest pike with a bow. I think it would be a lot of fun, but have never talked to anyone who has tried bowfishing at all, much less for pike. I am looking for feedback on cutting a big hole in the ice to shoot through, or would it be better to just wait for spring and try to shoot out of a boat? Does the barbed arrow setup from sportsmans work well enough or do I need to look for something better. If you know of a good lake or location that would be awesome as well. I recently bought a bowtech commander and cant wait to use it. thanks.

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    I never done it up here but did it last summer back in Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. It is a blast, every time we went was at night with boats and lights also it was for carp, suckers and gar. At night is a lot easier because they glow and stick out pretty good. The best time is when they are spawning because they are a lot slower. As far as the setup a youth bow or woman's bow with maybe 30 to 40 lbs is best, the smaller is better because of moving around so much. The reel they have at sportsman's if i can remember right is the hand wind setup which an't bad but you get tired of having to do it every time. They make a reel setup that I have which is a nice set sense all u do is reel it up like a fishing pole. As for the arrows they make the special fiberglass ones that should come with the reel combo with the 2 barbs on the end with and easy off setting. Hope this helps a bit.

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    Yes, I have bowfished for pike in the Deshka river. It is a lot of fun. All you need is a bowfishing arrow and a reel that is mounted to your bow. I have actually just used a string tied on to the handle of a milk jug before too. But if you have a reel it works a lot better. The Nancy lakes canoe trail system is pretty good for pike too. Be sure to aim about 6 inches lower than the fish when you shoot because of the refraction of the water. It all depends on the depth and the angle of the fish from your position, but I found generally speaking 6" lower than the actual fish is about right.

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    we used to do it in sand lake in the east canal....... lotsa fun and we cleaned alot pike.....might have to try that again somewhere....breakup at big lake perhaps?

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    redshirt down your way was a good place for pike early in the year. I dont know the dates but early they are up shallow...walk the grass.

    Deeper you shoot, the more refraction you get, angles come into play...practice till you get an understanding.

    I liked a head called the muzzy retracto, there's a new company making it now. Basically it has 2 spring loaded barbs with a coller on the back end. When you pass into a fish that ring gets pushed off the back and they pop open. Nice low profile and durable...dont bother trying to find it under the retracto name...I'll try and get my old computer up I had the new manf saved to my fav's.

    Any of the barbed fish arrows work, some better than others is all. I've never tried through a hole in the ice, if you could get them to come up with a dec shallow enough it would/might work. We used to do this for spearing sometimes if we were down deep with the decoy. Whoever wasnt spearing would sloooooowly lift the decoy up, not trying to make it move so much as just elevate, the pike will come up with them ateast shallow enough to get the spear to them usually. A bow might be tough pickings with 5' of ice, definatly an early season idea though.....

    I dont know dates, havent bothered with it for awhile, didnt get overly excited about it. Thought its a load of fun, my plate is full enough already, its just another hobby lol.

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    here's the head.....

    I beat the living tarnation out of them over the years also chasing carp. They work very well imho.

    I never had the side mounted spools, but they sure looked nice. Was too cheap and used the big round discs that mounted in your stabilizer holes. I think I still have one somewhere. if you go this route MAKE SURE nothing is tangled.....its amazing how fast that fish arrow can do a 180 and come back at you.

    I also liked a cable slide to keep the rope tied to the fish arrow out in front of my bow and not up on my shelf. Its nothing more than a chunk of cable run from the tip, to a hole just below the nock, crimped on, with a couple beads and a heavy duty swivel. Attach the line to that swivel. Everytime you nockt he arrow, slide the line out in front of the bow. Make sure you use some shrink tubing over the cable ends and find some kind of junker rest.

    I prefered to use hunting weight bows, just like a bullet in water, you loose energy fast! Stickbows are made for bowfishing!!!


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