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    hey, hows it going? im heading to to the Kenai Peninsula Aug 9 to 19th, cant wait... my wife and I were looking to 1 fly out salmon day, and 1 halibut day..

    any recommendations on reliable guides, locations, etc ?

    tough picking guides etc just from checking out a companies website, i trust the local opinion.. so any info would be greatly appreciated.. just looking for the best trip possible..

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    Hey, glad you're able to make it to Alaska! It's easy to forget we live in such an incredible state! There are a lot of good guides in the state, and in the area. A good spot to look for guides is at some of the local tackle stores. Mountain View Sports, Worldwide Anglers in Anchorage, 3 Rivers Fly and Tackle in Wasilla, Ken's and Gwin's Lodge in the Kenai area, should all be good sources of information. Check out the "guide" threads in this forum- I put a post in on a couple guide trips that I have been on, and theres' good information about what to look for in a guide on some of the posts. One thing to remember in Alaska as you're filling in your dates: there is a lot of distance involved. Drive time from Anchorage to Seward: 2-3 hours. Anchorage to Homer: 4-6 hours Anchorage to Cooper Landing: 2hours. All these times are aproximate, and don't assume you are doing the speed limit, or take into account traffic. The important thing is the time from Anchorage to Homer: its basically 10-12 hours round trip. Thats a full day! Keep that in mind with any trip planning. Its about 2 hours north to start getting into the fishing in the Mat-Su Valley. So if you're booking hotels, don't plan to use Anchorage as a hub for a bunch of day trips. Instead, book a place at each destination- ie Seward, Cooper Landing, Homer, and Talkeetna. Hope this helps!

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    Default Great information

    WP4F offers some excellent advice. There are plenty of B&B's around and in August there should be a decent amount of availability, however you should consider booking very soon.... Another option is an RV. There are many private and public camping areas all over southcentral Alaska.

    Here is an excellent link for guides on the Kenai Kenai River Professional Guide Association. In this group, you will find guides/charters anywhere from Hope to Homer and essentially all points in between.

    Based soley on tradition, I think your timing is very good. The silvers should be in good on the Kenai and Kasilof, the trout likewise. If this year is anything like last, there is a chance of finding some sockeye on the Kenai or Russian as well.

    I am not an expert on the Mat-Su Valley, so I'll let others chime in on that...

    Hope that helps.... good luck


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