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    Hi guys, I was wondering what you all would keep in your boats for emergency safety/repair equipment. We've got a 16' jon boat for the Kenai river, maybe that would narrow things down a bit?
    I know enough to take a first aid kit, basic tools to change spark plugs/prop, extra prop, but what else would you guys carry along or keep in the boat in case of unforseen mishaps?
    BTW, we've got a Yamaha 25 hp 4-stroke if that helps.

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    Hose clamps...

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    On the Kenai? A paddle and a cell phone. Get to the bank, call a cab.

    Up north? Tools adequate to drop and replace the entire jet unit. Sand-filled water pumps aren't unususal. Depending on how old it is perhaps a spare shaft with the bearing installed. Impeller and sleeves, woodruf keys and impellor sleeve (the plastic one) and a few shims to replace the ones you drop in the silty water. WD-40 to blast the silt off of bolt threads and out of bolt holes. Some safety wire to clear the pee tube when it clogs. Enough rope to use the anchor in the biggest, deepest parts of the river you're in. That's where the motor will quit.


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