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Thread: YUKON RIVER BEAR BAITERS... skull derby?

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    Default YUKON RIVER BEAR BAITERS... skull derby?

    So i understand the community of Beaver will again hold its black bear derby this spring, largest skull wins.. This is a private community derby much like a salmon derby put on elswhere..

    my questoin is.. Beaver does this to cut down on some of the bears around their village, and help try to get some moose back... and Ft Yukon might also be interested...

    what would it take to get some serious interest in them? my discussions have led to them wanting ( wishing) to get a prize of 10K to draw folks in but dont know how to raise that kind of change for the piggy bank. as i undersatnd now its a grand or 2..

    yukon river is a spendy trip for anyone with a boat.

    lots of bear, lots of bears.. and lots of bears... ( its not often folks fromout of town are invited in...) this is the one time of year the villages like NON local hunters.


    50/50 pot? what would make it worth while?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    yukon river is a spendy trip for anyone with a boat.

    what would make it worth while?
    Local transporters? Might get guys without a boat willing to give it a go if they can get some on river transport. It's also much easier to load a crew up and drive without having to prep a boat and worrying about the tow all the way there (especially thinking of SC folks here). Having local transport might offset enough of the cost/hassle that this alone could increase the participation without an increase in prize $. I know many that would be willing to throw in for gas and compensate for river time. Not sure how rigorous the "transporter" requirements are or if they could be waived for some reason.

    Plus there are many new folks that would probably appreciate meeting residents and soaking in the local knowledge. Good networking and seems to be a win-win.
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    This is a good thing..
    Any good efforts to help wth the ungulate population is worthy.
    logistics is key and also those that want the opportunity to get to know the folks in that part of the Globe.
    great idea
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    I'm interested. Keep us updated, Vince.


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