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Thread: Help! yamaha 225 4 stroker tt trouble

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    Default Help! yamaha 225 4 stroker tt trouble

    i have 2 yamaha 225 4 strokes on a 29 ft acb. one of them has a 'weak ' trim tilt motor. it seems as though it runs at half the speed of the one that works well. it doesn't seem to build pressure but just enough to get the engine up, but takes a while. is it low on fluid or are the seals in the motor going bad ?? i have worked on a tt motor on a 75 hp mercury, but not sure if i can even do this til spring when we pull her out of the water, since she's in the pond til spring. Any tips or helps are greatly appreciated.

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    I would check the motor ground first then on to the fluid level and or contamination of the fluid.

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    Had them same issue, was the ground cable that had corroded at the battery.

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    Agree with AK2AZ and GoneAgain. I had this same problem. The trim motor acted just as you described and as soon as I found the faulty ground the issue was fixed. Good luck.


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