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    Im sure this thread has been covered, but after a preliminary search I found nothing. Nothing on you tube and I didnt find anything in the alaska game anf fish website either. I know people say its there, but maybe im lookoing in the wrong places. So here it is.

    What are your tips tactics call em whatever; how do you determine moose size antler, age ex. Please post all your secrets of the trade.....

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    The onboard search engine can be challenging, but there is tons of information on this subject already. If you Google "legal moose;", and similar, you'll find it.
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    If you do a search in the forum of "is it legal moose" or "how big is it moose", you will get a number of threads with examples of pictures and peoples "guesses". Some of those threads have good information as to how people came to the conclusions they did. Those are some great places to start. Skim through the results that the search gets. If you look for threads with the paperclip (attachment), you will be able to find the threads you are looking for faster since they all have an attached photo of what people are guessing at.

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    Practice is the best way to accurately judge antler size. Looking at pictures and reading tips will help, but nothing really compares to field experience when you actually have a moose up close and judge the antlers on the hoof of a live moose. When you see a 55 plus incher you usually know it and shouldn't have a hard time telling moose of this size are over 50+. The 45 to 55 inchers can be tough to judge and until you have lots of experience judging moose in the field you are better off passing on moose of this size.

    When looking for trophy racks look for horns that stick out pass their shoulders, palms that lay out and don't curl in, bases that drop down, and long points will give extra width.


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