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Thread: This is how my last coyote hunt went!

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    Default This is how my last coyote hunt went!

    Sunday morning I awoke to 4 inches of fresh snow. I went out and started the old Blazer and hit the on button on the FM radio. Immediately I hear 2 familiar voices carrying on about 4 coyotes that they just jumped out of a ditch 3 miles west of my house. I grabbed my 22-250 and a box of shells and headed out to join them. Let me pause to say that I live in Iowa and the law here allows hunting coyotes with FM radios and pursuing them with vehicles is 100% legal. I got on sight just in time to see one of the boys make a nice 200 yard running shot on a nice dark *****. Two others got past him just to the west and were running hard to the south. I made it to a location a mile to the south of where the last critters were seen and turned through some open gates and drove a half mile west to where a big ditch wound its way up through a 50 acre patch of timber. I had no more than reached the ditch and looked north and here came both coyotes running parallel to the ditch. I jumped out rested the rifle across the hood and waited for them to run past me. The first coyote was much smaller than the second and evidently much smarter as she put on the brakes and bailed off into the ditch and out of sight. The big male veered off to the west and went around a hill. When he came back into sight he was 300 yards out and about to the timber. I shot once but missed. The coyote entered the timber and put another 50 yards between us and stopped partially hidden behind some ground clutter. During all of this I was directing two other vehicles into position just south of that timber so my plan at that time was to keep that coyote moving. I centered the cross hairs a bit above my intended target and touched the trigger. At the report the coyote hit high gear and filled the air with a dog. It turns out that it wasn't a coyote after all but rather a local persons pet that had wandered off the night before. It was a medium sized German shepherd cross that ran like a coyote looked like a coyote and was out running with the coyotes. I tracked the injured critter for a mile or so to his owners house. There was blood all over the front yard and from the tracks in the fresh snow it was obvious that they had loaded the dog up in a vehicle and left.

    We have but two vets in town and neither are open on sunday. I figured that if I had a wounded dog that might be where I'd take them so I drove to the first vet's office and there was nothing going on there. However when I arrived at the second it was clear that they were open. I pulled in and there was a blood trail from a small grey car into the front doors of the office. Yes....I went in. I asked them if they had a shot dog and yes was the answer I got.

    In the end we parted ways as friends. The dog owner learned a valuable lesson about letting his pouch freely roam the country side during coyote breeding season. I paid the $892.00 dollars to get the dogs broken jaw pinned back together. It was probably more the owners fault than mine but for the sake of keeping our coyote hunting group in the same good standing that we have been known for for the last 30 years I wrote the check. The dog belonged to the guys 14 year old daughter and she was devastated. Some things are just beyond money

    Lots of lessons to be learned here and if I were in the same situation all over again I'd pull the trigger again! What would you do

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    Man, what a story... Thanks for having the nerve to share it with us. Things don't always work out as intended in the field, and the best we can do is try to make things right when things go awry and reflect on what might have been done differently. In this case it seems like everything you did was pretty reasonable, and your actions were especially commendable in tracking the dog and making things right with its owner. Good on you.

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    It does take lots of nerve write like this. Especially on an online forum such as this, where people do not have to be held responsible for their comments. I admire you for marching right into the vets office and taking responsibility. I have been in a similar situation (not a dog but farm equipment) on a door step knowing that unless I knocked on the door, I would never be able to sleep. Some people take the easy way out but it's knowing that you didn't, that makes you the better man. Takes guts.

    It sounds like there was no way you could have known it was a dog. Sure sign of a coyote is seeing it with other coyotes.

    P.S. Nothing got destroyed I just had a .223 bounce off a rock and hit some irrigation pipes. Better to own up to it than to give predator hunters a bad name.

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    Wow EKC, that was sure food for thought! My hats off to ya for the way you handled it all...
    I would have shot also and over the years have taken 2 or 3 "coydog" crosses in traps and yes it is impossible to tell at any distance...
    I caught a big female German Shepard in a fox set once and she was not happy. I drove to a cpl nearby farmhouses asking if anyone was missing one and yes a guy said his was. So he hopped in with me and we drove back to the dog. I could have got it out alone but as big as it was I thought it might attack me when free and didn't want to be alone.
    I told the owner I would put a coat over its head and get its nose as far down the sleeve as possible so it could not bite - done it many times - he said not to worry and ran out to it and grabbed the trap - it tore into him immediately!
    After many profanities from him directed at the dog he asked if I had a gun and when I said yes he said to shoot it!
    I patched him up a bit and calmed him down and said lets try the coat first - it worked and the dog didn't attack when it was free. It even road in the back of my truck to his house - I told owner to take it to the vet as it might loose some toes and call me where he would take it and I would foot the bill. He was a good fellow to deal with and I never did get a call???
    +1 for your integrity EKC - after meeting you I am not surprised though my friend!
    When asked what state I live in I say "The State of Confusion", better known as IL....


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