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Thread: Jumping Jack trailer/tent

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    Default Jumping Jack trailer/tent

    Was at Sportsman's today and saw the Jumping Jack trailer, this thing is really cool.. Holds two full size ATV's and opens up to a full size tent. This thing is perfect for the outdoors-man who really can't afford a toy hauler camper. This might be a older thread but I thought this was pretty neat. I have never saw one before. Google it and check it out, and the price is pretty fair too, considering the price'es of trailers these days..

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    it my understanding they disentegrate in 2 years....

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    Default Jumping Jack Trailers

    Quote Originally Posted by jetrat View Post
    it my understanding they disentegrate in 2 years....

    On May 31st IG user @Muledeercountry posted this on his account:
    "Its our ten year anniversary! She has always been there by my side... I've never had any problems with her. She has been there for all my birthdays, Memorial Days and many hunting and camping trips... Thanks #Jumpingjacktrailers for such a reliable trailer... She has been the best..always thought they the best add for a company was a referral... You need to get one of these!"

    And we couldn't agree more, there's no better ad than a happy customer. We have received praise from many different sources.

    On Apr. 27th 2014, Michael Deming of Sportsman's News wrote the following:
    "The Sportsmanís News team purchased one of the original series Jumping Jack Trailers back in 2006 for a good majority of our camping adventures and 8 years later it is still going strong. Considering this unit spends more time up and in the woods in a single season than most people will use it during a ten year period says a lot about itsí quality and durability. Other than a set of tires, nothing has been replaced on the original unit."

    These are just a couple examples of the numerous positive reviews we get. We are proud of our trailers and stand by them. I don't know what your friend did to his trailer to have it fall apart after two years, but we'd be happy to get you more information on our trailers.

    I can send direct links to these and other reviews to anyone that asks, although a quick google search would show these and many others.

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