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Thread: April Fairbanks Icefishing?

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    Default April Fairbanks Icefishing?

    Hey guys. So I am currently over in Afganistan and iv been away from my love of fishing for almost a year now!!Needless to say I need some time on the water! Last winter I went out on Birch Lake alot and did well every time catching about 15-20 fish each day mostly rainbows and char and a couple grayling, but they were mostly little guys. Nothin wrong with that but I want some bigger rainbows to fry up. Im just wondering if theres any good spots you guys know of for some early April ice fishin? I grew up fishin the ice in Wisconsin till it was almost gone. Just wondering if you guys do the same and what they go for late in the year?

    Thanks alot for reading Jake

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    Hey Jake there are plenty of places to fish on the hardwater in April. Quartz is still the go to place for big rainbows up here but from everything I've heard it has been a slow season there. Birch Lake is also a good place because of the close proximity to home. However I like to stick around close AND catch monsters. Harding has been my new go to lake this year. Lots of great lake trout and char. Kinda up to whatever you want to catch and how far you want to drive. By the end of April though it's time to put the ice rods away and start thinking about the salmon!

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