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Thread: Avalanche on the Seward

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    Default Avalanche on the Seward

    Not sure if anyone is getting a jump on the weekend, but be aware and be safe this weekend......

    Thursday, February 2, 2012 9:13 am
    Breaking News
    37 L:20 | H:40
    statewide forecast

    Avalanche blocks Anchorage-bound traffic from Peninsula
    An avalanche closed the Seward Highway this morning at Mile 37, just north of the "Y" intersection with the Sterling Highway. Traffic in both directions will be blocked "well into the day," officials say.

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    Yep, that one and the one yesterday should warn EVERYONE to stay off the hills with both skis and sleds.

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    Just 55 miles north of ANC ... on the lake


    Just to add to the warnings...This time in the valley...I went out to check some equipment this afternoon across a deep hard pack lake...Was very surprised to see the amount of overflow from this brief warm spell...had a large roostertail and decided to take another route...

    This lake was SOLID until today...should firm up again but it is sloppy....when in doubt throttle out...


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