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    I made up my mind to get a quality spotter to use for hunting purposes. So my questions are, is it worth getting a HD model and is there much benifit to an 80 over a 65? The reasons for my questions are because a friend let me use his Swarovski 80mm last year, it was a little big for the pack that is the reason I am considering the 65. Quality optics are now a MUST for me.

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    Most sheep hunters will lean towards the 65 just for the size and weight savings. The 80 should give you better low light performance and help you get in a little more glassing at dark. The 80 will usually give you a wider field of view. A Swaro, Leica, or Zeiss in 65 will outperform an 80 in most other brands. Personally I spend a lot of time on foot and wouldn't want to lug around the 80.

    I can't give you a great answer for the HD question. I've read a number of different places that when it comes to the big three in optics the HD vs standard is almost unrecognizable to the human eye. Unless you're an expert the standard glass is so good that price of jumping to the HD isn't justified. Don't know if this is true or not though. If one of these companies wants to send me a couple of demos to develop my own opinion I'd be more than happy to accept the offer.


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