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Thread: Remington M24-R

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    Default Remington M24-R

    As some of you may know, the Army is getting rid of the M24 Sniper Rifle and moving to the XM2010(300WM). The way this is working is we are turning in our M24's to be shipped back to Remington for retrofit. Remington is starting a program to rebuild some of these M24's and are calling it the M24-R. These M24-R's will be sold by Remington to certain individuals. The M24-R's will have a new receiver, 24" 5R barrel and fire control. Original parts will be bases, rings, scope, iron sights, deployment kit, sling, bipod and hard case. There will be a priority for orders as follows:
    #1 - Military or former military who have graduated from Sniper School
    #2 - Active duy, NG and Reserve
    #3 - Military Retirees
    #4 - Federal Agents
    #5 - State and Local Law Enforcement agents

    Word on the street right now is $3000-$3500 complete.
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    That seems like a decent price if it includes all those goodies. That's pretty cool that Remington is offering this service.

    I might be a hair more inclined to have these guys build me one. Around the same price as the M24-R, but doesnt include all the goodies. But you're getting a custom rifle.

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    Sounds like Remington is keeping the barreled action and selling you a new rifle in an old stock. Not really an M-24. As you are "getting" a new receiver, 5R barrel and most likely an X-mark trigger. Not worth 3000+ in my opinion. I wouldn't buy anything from GA precision. I've seen their work, pretty overpriced.
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    Pretty cool deal for the collectors and guys with a sentimental attachment to their duty rigs.
    Personally for the 3K+I'd take a used GAP, and save some cash for bullets and powder. Love my GAP rifle.

    Definitely a good idea on Remingtons part, I bet they will have no problem selling every one of them.

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    Seems like a lot for not much. Building a rifle is not all that difficult. I can't see the connection for the M24 as its components are new and for $3000-3500 I suspect I could build 2 rifles that will shoot at least as well for the same price. In fact it seems that we'd be paying about $2000 for the scope and various accoutrements, which is a bit heavy for my tastes.
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    I admit the military connection is somewhat interesting...but I'd be more interested in an original M24 at that price. I hate to say it, but it seems like a bunch of spare parts to me. In general parts kit guns just aren't worth that much.

    Didn't Remington use to sell a real M24 OTC a few years ago? Thought they were about that price NIB....

    Without the original receiver and barrel I'm not sure collector interest will be all that good and value all that high down the road. For a field piece you could do a lot more for a lot less.
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