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    It's really been a cold December and January here in the interior and other parts of the state it looks like. My predator hunting trips have been really low the past two months. I was just interested if anybody has been out and about in the extreme weather lately calling any critters? I'm ready for a warm spell, even if the "warm" is -20F. In the meantime though, I have been organizing the garage and getting a stack of goodies ready to list on the classifieds. So, let's hear what you've been up to lately.

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    i hit the glenn 2weeks ago. it was -30 and no critters called in. my spotlight gave out and i didnt even call in a single critter. stumbled across a group of 7 ptarmagin and we missed them all thanks to a scope that wasnt even on paper when we checked!
    lol thats the only time ive been out all winter! snowcamo man, if yur ever around anchortown and need a partner (an enthusiastic one! that is skilled enough) let me know. im still a beginner and there is always lots to learn. you experience will teach me, my youth and excitment will teach you!
    hhaha joe,
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    Finally warmed up!! +28F in Salcha today....upriver this weekend!!

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    I also hit the Glen a few weeks ago. I talked my wife into the ride to see the northern lights so I could leave the truck running. I called a few areas and didn't see a thing. It was COLD!
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