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    Question to make sure I am reading regulation right. If I hunt in May 2007 for black bear (I am a non resident) I will need to purchase a general hunting lisc and a tag. I kill one black bear (my limit). If i came back for a fall 2007 hunt my general lisc is still good but I can purchase another black bear tag because it the "regulatory" year started over? Also if 6 of us do a drop camp and we kill a bear (during the time when we have to salvage the meat) can we eat the meat while in camp? If we are checked several days later and we have eaten an entire bear is that ok? Thanks

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    Your limit is one per year. The year begins July 1 st and ends on June 31st. So yes you could get a bear in the spring (2006-2007) and come back in the fall and get another bear but you would need another license for the current year, (2007-2008).
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    hunting license is good the calender year, so yes to that questions. bear limits are set per july 1 june 30th, so yes to being to shoot one in the spring and one in the fall...but NOT one in the fall then one in the spring.
    and yes you can eat the meat, but i would have some pictures of the meat in camp, as well as some shots of you cooking it...ALOT of pictures. and pictures of the carcass after you took the meat off as well. be prepared for someone to not belive you..that way your covered.
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    Save your poo just in case they want to test it

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    If it's adviseable to take pics of the meat and cooking, maybe it's also adviseable to take pics of the meat after it has exited your body.

    What are you going to do if the bear you shoot, and intend to eat in camp, doesn't taste very good?
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    Default Spring Black Bear, good eating

    Don't know why martentrapper would say that except he's only had late year bear.Spring Black Bear is fine to eat, it's the fall bear after eating fish thats not so good. If you get away from the salmon and find one who has only been eating blue berrys they are excellent. A lot depends on what you do in the first couple hours after the kill, thats the same for most game. You shoot a farm raised cow and it runs around pumping adrnilin into it's self is'nt the way to go either.

    Any way thats why the Reg's say you MUST salvage spring bear meat, PAGE 18 and 26 of the on line 2006-2007 regulations good till June 30 2007


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