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Thread: coming back to america

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    Default coming back to america

    i am stationed at ft. richardson alaska but am currently deployed in afghanistan. i havent been bear hunting in alaska yet but would really like to when i come back in october. if anyone could lead me in the right direction or would like to take me out hunting i would greatly appreciate it. send me a mesage if you would like any information from me.

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    You're going to want to get after it right away if you're coming back in October. Your chances will depend largely on how early the snow hits the mountains and how much of it accumulates. I've seen plenty of black bears in October, but they're eating their last berries and getting ready to den up around then. I would drive south to the Kenai Mountains and glass the mountaintops right underneath the snow line (or in the top 1,000' of elevation if there is no snow). You'll be looking for bears eating the last of the blue and crowberries and they will likely be high - above the goats at times.

    If you want to look at maps when you get home, let me know and we'll sit down over a coffee or beer. Time will be of the essence in October, though - plan on going afield as soon as you can.


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