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Thread: Streams in Tutka Bay or area

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    Default Streams in Tutka Bay or area

    Hi again, I will be kayaking the bay starting September 7th. Some of you helped me concerning saltwater fishing.
    My other point is: I would like to test my underwater camera in a stream. Maybe there are some spawing salmon left around or dollies. This would be great to create some underwater movies with fish.
    Does one of you know a stream / river in Tutka bay? The map shows some creek and a bigger one at the end of the bay (west or southwest).
    Depending on your answer, I would bring a flyrod

    Thanks from ol Switzerland

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    You might have some good luck at the south of the bay. I know that tutka lagoon doesnt have much for trout fishing in that creek and the sockeye run will probably be done by then for snagging.


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