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    I have always used my ruger 10/22 for bunnies but after hunging in some very thick cover I was considering getting a 22 pistol. I figured a pistol with compact red dot would be about perfect for maneuvering in the tight brushy areas I normally find rabbits.

    I just put together a new bunny blaster. Its a ruger MkII with tactical solutions 4.5" threaded upper with sight/rail and burris fast fire red dot scope. I've kinda bought this in pieces but now that I have everything its a real tack driver. I'm really impressed with how quick it is with that burris fast fire and unlike some other red dot sights I have had on pistols this seems to balance well and isn't so big as to get in the way. I got it pretty dailed in today but got to cold to fine tune the red dot. I sighted it it to be about an inch high at 25 yards figuring it would be dead on at 50 but after checking some ballistic charts I think I should have just sighted it dead on at 25 yards.

    I think this summer I'll get a suppressor for it. Tactical solutions makes one specifically for this upper that looks pretty good. It might be nice to whack a grouse or bunny during moose season without scaring all the moose out of the area.

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    I do the same thing. I have a smith and wesson 22 pistol with an aim point scope. So I carry a 410 for brushy or running shots and the 22 pistol for close in head shots. It's the perfect combo.

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    Great set up!!

    I have pretty much the same set up but on a Browning Buckmark and a TS 4" threaded barrel. I use a Tactical Innovations TAC 65 on mine since it can be disassembled for cleaning...a great feature in my mind because 22 ammo is dirty!! It seems the ones you can't take apart to clean will eventually become a block of lead and powder residue...especially in the expansion chamber and the first couple baffles. On the TAC 65 you can remove the end caps and tap the baffles out with a dowel rod and soak them in ATF or use Hoppes to clean as you would the gun. TAC 65's are a little cheaper too.

    If you want a REALLY quiet bunny gun, set up a Contender with a 10" match barrel and a suppressor...almost movie quiet. With the semi-autos you still get the action slap but the Contender is like shooting a suppressed bolt action rifle...Daisy Red Rider quiet.
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