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    I have a hide that is really old and was not taken care of. the hide over all is in good shape but it is as hard as a rock. what can I do to soften it back up?

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    A few things to consider- hair on or off? what type of hide, moose, bear etc? Any grease/ fat staining/ saturation? Was it salted or just dried? Did you start any tanning processes?

    Grease or fat that was left on the hide could be cause to scrap it. IF there are large areas. Most of the deer species have hollow hair and are really prone to hair slippage, especially as they age. If you are planning on home tanning it there are several different kits available or you can try from scratch; there are also many different schools of thought on this too- from brain tanning / smoking to neetsfoot oil and alum. check this link out- The best thing I can tell you is be prepared for a lot of elbow grease use... A fist sized smooth rock is a good start. Good luck and take your time.


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