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Thread: Thought on Hewes 20 Pro V HT

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    Default Thought on Hewes 20 Pro V HT

    I'm seriously considering picking up one of these for travel between Homer and our family cabin across K Bay. I use a 20 ' Bayrunner now and the Pro V would be a lot more boat than that. Also would see some occasional use during the spring in PWS. Like to hear from anyone who uses a Pro V or Sportsman for Alaskan offshore applications pro or con. Thanks

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    I guess it would be a decent boat for up here, but there are just too many other much better choices. Heck, even if you went with a 22' searunner, it would be much more comfortable. Of course you lose that big fishing deck as the Sportsman and ProV have, but with the seats further back in the boat and deeper V, it's gonna let you fish more often and enjoy the trips you do get to have. My last boat was a Sportsman. I used it everywhere you listed and it worked. BUT, I always came back to the dock sore and tired. Good luck in your search.
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    I was looking at the Pro V too because I was day dreaming about an easy to trailer, lightweight miserly sipping on fuel but with a hardtop to be used on fair weather days boat.

    20 searunner HT.jpg

    But I see they make the 20 foot searunner with a hardtop option too and it might be nice little boat.

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    I'd consider the 20' SeaRunner ext transom with the same light weight hard top. I have been out on this boat with a 150hp Yamaha. The extended transom makes a huge difference on a boat of this size, the SeaRunner have more of a vee and rides better in a chop. All three of these boats are in the high 30s and the SeaRunner is right around 40. All three will be just fine with a 115hp. They all are better than a Bayrunner, but the Sportsman and ProV are more similar to it in ride, whereas the SeaRunner is much better.

    After owing a 220 OceanPro, spending a ton of time on the 220 SeaRunner, I was super impressed with the 20' SeaRunner ext with light hardtop as my expectations were ready to be disappointed due to is smaller size. AND we ran her in some sloppy conditions. Here in Juneau I can only think of one ProV or Sportsman, everyone runs the SeaRunner or OceanPro.



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