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    Over the years I have purchased some wonderful instructional books as well as just darn good reading and or funny books. That being said as always I was reading through what's out there and I came across "Bug Water" by Arlen Thomason. I normally don't plug books and or manuals on the forum however I feel this one warrants mention. It has exceptional photo's and detailed explinations of Western Bugs, it is well thought out, laid out and planned to please.

    One of the items I always discuss with other Bug people is most fly fisher-people have no idea about the source of entomology in the rivers we fish. What it normally comes down to is Matching the Alaskan Hatch i.e. Smolt out, Eggs and Flesh and while yes they are productive it is only part of our great sport.

    "Bug Water" breaks it down and explains it all not to mention the photo's and patterns that you can tie and or purchase. Yes it is set in the 48 and discuss many of there options however most if not all if it applies.

    A couple of years ago I posted a small write up about attractor patterns and what they represented this book breaks down the information per bug i.e. Western Slate Drake, types of Caddis, Stone Fly options to include other predatory insects Spot on man Spot on. When you are not pounding beads or flesh take the time to read this book it will assist you in picking up additional fishing time in most rivers when the standard Alaskan Match the Hatch is not available.

    If you like to fish Alaska free stone streams like I do i.e. trout fishing you will find the book a must.

    Enjoy the read if you pick it up.

    Tight Lines!

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    I also have this book and find myself constantly re-reading it every now and then. Its a very good book.

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    Good book. I bought mine for $40 from a shop, but I see they're $21 for new at Amazon. Eek.


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