It's Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This weekend starts the Willow State Winter Carnival and it run through Feb. 5th.
Fun for all. Lots to see and do. Check for more details.
Now on to the trails. Again AWESOME! The trails are in some of the best shape as we really tune them up for the Carnival. Over 450 fleet miles this week getting them in great shape. The only trail not hit this week was the lower part of the Big Swamp Trail. It is set for next Wed. Temp are about -5 durring the day and a little colder at night. The Swamps have lots of untracted powder just calling your name.

We are full up this weekend but 1 left next weekend. Call Quickly if you want it.

So We Took the Bumps so You Don't Have Too.
Please stop by a Kiosk and grab a envelope and help us out if you can.
But get out and ride!